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  1. I am fairly certain that this fuel pump was the original, car just turned over 100,000 miles and I did not get any history. I decided to change wear items while I had it in the shop instead of on the side of the trail in Big Bend. Pretty sure the check valve in the pump was the culprit. I also changed a very dirty fuel filter, Wix brand, so it probably got changed sometime in the past. Also, did the timing belt, which was easy and then realized the altenator would be a booger without taking out the grill and radiator, which I already had out, so I changed it to a brand new one. It still was a booger!! I cant imagine trying to get that dang thing out with no room. Also the water pump. In other words, I jacked it up and ran a new car under it!! Timing belt was worn out, cracking etc. I'm lucky I made it home I guess. She's purring like a little kitten now tho. Working on a base plate for a Blue ox tow bar I picked up on Craigslist. Managed to have enough metal laying around to not have to buy anything, but from the looks of my welding, I forgot how....Taking it to the welding shop to get a pro to finish. Guess I'm gettin old!
  2. Changed the fuel pump and filter, pretty sure I got it fixed!
  3. I bought a nice 92 tracker clean body, motor runs good and drove it two hundred miles home. Seller reported that Previous owner removed the AC. I got home and got to looking, there is no evidence of AC ever been on there. I need parts. compressor mounting brackets, evaporator box are the main things, i will put a new evap coil, condenser coil, compressor and hoses on. I might need the dash bezel, mine does not have the compressor on button, it is blanked out, I suppose I could just add one there, but dunno. This is a bone stock set up with the 1.6 motor. I am in Texas, so nuff said about AC
  4. My tracker will bust right off in the morning, or anytime when it has sat awhile. But when warm it cranks for 20-30 seconds before it starts, to me, it acts like no gas at first. It always does start, it just takes a while. We didnt used to think about it when a car cranked for 30 seconds before it started, now they crank really quick! Appreciate any help from you old hands! I just got this thing as a project and I already love it!
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