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  1. Also, I am trying to get the ignition wiring correct. Currently I have a push button wired in to start the truck. I was checking the wiring at the starter and found 6 volts on a black wire when the ignition is placed into the START position. Is that the correct current to activate the solenoid? Also, Do you have any wiring diagrams for this truck?
  2. Also, I am considering changing the rear to run single wheels but I need to buy tires all of the way around. What is the largest tire that the front wheel wells will support?
  3. Thanks Moses for the input. Smokin6-0 has been helping me a lot. Its amazing but after sitting for 12 years in a field, that truck runs as smooth as can be. We timed it and adjusted the carb a bit and now it runs like new. I cant believe it. Is the factory timing setting 0? I cant find a copy of the service manual but that is what everyone online is saying.
  4. So first order of business was to attempt to get the passenger window up. My guess is it has been in the down position for 10 years. Well a 1" wide thin bar in the regulator broke and now will have to be replaced. Any ideas on where to get a replacement ?
  5. i will take some more pictures this evening inside and out so i can start getting some input and suggestions on where to start. I will also be scanning and uploading the line tickets that came with the truck. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
  6. Okay so after a year of planning, this has finally come true. Here it is finally coming home. I cant tell you how happy it makes me to see it in the driveway.
  7. Thank you for the reply and for the suggestion. I did read his post yesterday and will continue to follow his story. I look to be able to pick the truck up within the month and bring it home to start the work. Once I get it here, I will post some pictures. Thank you for your help and I look forward to picking your brain.
  8. So as a kid (17-23) my family owned a garden center/landscape company. One of our farm trucks was a 1973 international 1210 4-door 4WD pick up. We changed out the automatic transmission with a 5 speed out of a scout I believe. We installed a dually kit on the rear and added a stake body. Over the years I grew very attached to it and was devastated when my father told me that he had sold it. Well surprise! Dad bought it back 10 years later as a gift for me to restore. I have more memories tied up in that truck than are probably healthy. I am looking forward to that truck being my first restoration project but I have limited experience. I was hoping that this may be a good resource. Is this forum still fairly active?
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