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  1. Thanks Moses! I'll get underneath it this weekend and check it out and let you know what I find.
  2. CV driveshaft, 4.5" suspension, motor lifted 1", 1.25 body lift, and still has an uneeded t-case drop. So, the powertrain does sit at noticeable angle towards the rear. The rearend is a low pinion 9". In gear (clutch disengaged) going backwards is when it happens and the knock tempo speeds up the faster I go in reverse and of course is slower at normal 2 to 3ish MPH in reverse. With a magnetic angle finder the driveshaft sits at exactly 10 deg. Besides the knock, it really seems to be fine. But the knock does seem to move the shifter a little, so maybe the rocking is a possibility. I do have
  3. 1997 TJ 4.0, AX-15, 130k miles. In reverse a loud knock occurs and I can feel it in the shifter. In 1st-5th gears there is no knock and the transmission acts healthy with no issues and the Redline MTL is about a 2 years old. The knock goes away when shifted to neutral and coasting backwards. The knock is loud enough to be heard outside of the vehicle. Which of course makes everybody scream bad u-joints. Sounds like a rotational noise. Just to add; rear drive shaft is new only has about 100 miles on it (yoke at the pinion got smashed on previous one) and the knock was there before that. I n
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