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  1. Hey Moses, thanks for all the valuable info on my truck! Got crawling around the other day, turns out it was a joint on the front axle. so far spent the day in the snow bank and was able to finally get everything apart, talk about grunting to get some of the parts free but once they were off the axle and stub shaft all look great but i think I`ll have to replace the outer wheel bearing as theres a little pitting and spalling on it. Nothing too major but think while it's apart I`ll freshen it up. As for the wheel cylinder for the brake it is seized solid but I`ll try and give it some lovin and work on it a bit in the meantime. I was able to get u-joints from napa so I figured might as well get them all and change them out when it warms up. Most of the drum brake parts are in great shape so that is a plus. Hopefully in time when I get to the other side it`ll be in as good a shape as the first one. As for the build sheet, that would have been a sweet find had it still been in the truck. No such luck of course. I was able to get a manual from IH out of California, quite a bit more money but is a very good shop service manual which will come in handy. Being this truck is a 73 and I plow snow with it in the winter, and it`s cold as a guy's mother in law, what do you recommend for the tranny and tranfer case for cold weather fluids? Hate to do any damage to this vintage unit!
  2. Hi, everyone! I have just recently discovered this site while searching for service manuals for a 1973 international 1210 4x4 I purchased a couple of years ago. I bought the truck for $540.00. It was used as a plow truck up in northwestern Ontario where I live. The truck is in very rough condition, hence the price. The truck does run like a top, minus the brakes. I have recently had some issues start arising and would like to find service manual infomation on this awesome old truck. I never thought when i bought it I would fall so hard for a truck in such rough shape. This truck will out perform my 1996 f250 in deep snow and blow my 2009 f150 away by miles when it comes to running in deep snow. Shame, shame on the new Fords!!!! I love the simplicity of all the working of this truck and how little it needs to maintain its functionality. If anyone can help with finding the manuals I need it would be great as I have looked high and low but it`s a hard item to find. While out plowing the other morning (-35c) I heard a creaking from the front end but figured maybe the plow bracket was cracked or loose, turns out seconds later I lost the front axle drive capabilities. First I thought it might be the clutch pooched out but I was able to drive with rear wheels so that ruled out the clutch. As I was looking underneath I noticed what looked like black rust or filings, possibly by the front u-joint near the front passenger tire and then got to thinking maybe the locking mechanism or hub pooched. Hopefully its nothing to do with the transfer case but as of yet no one has come out to the house to be my assistant to help with diagnosing the issue. Hard to drive and look underneath to see what is going on by yourself, lol Soon enough though. Can parts still be purchased easily for this great old truck? I hope in the future I can find one in great condition as I would love to restore one and use it as my daily drive truck. But for now finding a service manual or info would be very helpful as winter is far from over and living remotely out on a lake and having an ice road, this old truck is a must have! Thank you for any info and help you may be able to provide!
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