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  1. Thank you Moses, I have been working at this on and off and trying to get her going for the last year. bought her back in 78 with 1,638 mil on it. and I was ate wits end . Thank you I will let you know how I make out. thank you for so much info. Bob
  2. Thanks Moses I will try that at the moment I'm using a gas can . I didn't what to use the new tank just yet. I also put in a new pump and yf carb. I have a auto trans ,could it be the kick down on the trans also ?
  3. Could it be on the kick down on the automatic transmission as thE Jeep will not run more than a couple of seconds.?
  4. I need help with no idle , starts up fast but go's to a fast idle ( 2500 rpm ?) and then dies. I have been working on this jeep on and off form about ten years and owning the Jeep since 78. I have remove / replaced and move everything and now I'm putting back . I must have something wrong some where. put on headers and glass packs with duel exhaust on a 258 s6. any thought's.
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