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  1. I've been lurking a bunch and reading hours and hours on this forum as well as others...long story short I can tell from your posts that you are extremely knowledgeable with the cummins trucks...anyway here's my situation...I have a 2006 5.9 2500 ST 4x4...had the dreaded steering issues just recently fixed (new ball joints, track bar, pass side knuckle, t steering link, steering box/pitman arm brace, steering stabilized and new tires installed). Went with mostly Carli components. Got the truck back and it drove straight and like a new truck off the lot...truck has a revtek 6" lift...straight pipe/delete...aftermarket injectors and turbo (all but the above parts that I just recently changed came on my truck when I bought it) anyway to my problem...got the truck back...drove it for about a day...was on a freeway on ramp with decent slope...halfway up the on ramp lost all acceleration...engine still purring like a kitten but truck just would not go..right before I lost acceleration my rear wheels chirped very slightly...there was no grinding...clunking...slipping of the tranny...or any noise of something breaking...pulled to the shoulder and first thing I did was check the drive shaft..we have all seen the lifted truck on the side of the rode with the shaft on the ground...mine was still in place...tried shifting into all gears including 4x4 to see if it would accelerate...no dice...so had it towed home...I am a refrigeration tech so I'm mechanically inclined but no auto mechanic by any means...after researching myself and a friend of mine also searching the web he actually found many guys who had the transmission filter either fall off the tranny and found it sitting in the pan or it plugged and not allowing enough pressure to operate the transmission...so that's where we have figured we would start...transmission fluid does not smell burned..also truck has about 125k miles on it...I was reading an older topic from Megaton that you had posted info on Valvolines transmission fluids...after looking through the link you posted of Valvolines fluid breakdowns I couldn't find my trucks year with a auto transmission in the list breakdown...most of what I saw was for manual transmissions... so...I guess in not so many words I have 2 question first one being from what I described does it sound like my buddy and I are on the right path as far as starting with the tranny filter? And secondly does the Valvoline transmission fluid for the "manual" tranny correlate to the auto trans also? the posts for Megatrons BD tranny are from 2014 I believe so I didn't want to chime in on his post from years back... anyway any insight would be beyond greatly appreciated! And also Happy New Year! thanks! Final verdict....grenaded input shaft! Previous owner had a full billet ibs
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