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  1. I have replaced the gasket around the dist shaft, not much more that a week later it is leaking again. I used a feel-pro gasket, I have always had good luck with them. This area of the engine isn't pressurized is it? Both surfaces were very clean when I put it together. Possible that the crankcase isn't venting?
  2. There is warm air coming from the vents but the amount of cold air entering around all the dried up seals (door mostly) keep it from getting real warm but its good enough to drive. It needs more air volume from the heater blower. -6 degrees this morning and again other than the jeep not wanting to turn over it finally did start and run. Got new starter to put on and see is that eliminates some of the drag on on the starting system. Here is a few pics of how it sat outside for a couple years until I rescued it. Not bad for $950
  3. Ok it's 3 degrees out with a wind chill of -10 other than the starter not wanting to work, the old dog started and ran just like it should. That is the result I hoped for. Now I can spend money on it and now I'm not completely wasting it.
  4. I have not bypassed any fuses or relays and have not see any sign of that, I am a lineman by trade so I know how important it is for over current protection. The rebuilt ecm seems to be working just fine. If I run across another one for sale I think I'll grab it for a spare. I will do some searching for info to make sure all the fuses and relays are where they are suppose to be. Snow expected tomorrow and really cold temps after that so I want to make sure the jeep is in as good of shape as I can have it for now.
  5. Thanks again for all the help Moses, I spent a good amount of time on this search this past Sunday. My findings are if you have one of these ecm's they are harder to get everyday, several online auto parts show it online but when you call they are no longer available. Local Napa store could send it off for rebuild (A1 Cardone) but one smaller parts store i use alot called and had 3 places with one on the shelf. It should be here today, hope I dont mess it up . Again thanks for your help and taking the time to find some information for me, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  6. Another update, after back and forth studying and searching I finally took ecm apart to get a visual inside as I traced out the pins for the forward and reversing of isa I seen this,
  7. 5 volt at closed throttle + side key on throttle closed, run isa forward and it goes to 0 volts. No voltage on the reversing side of plug with key on or off and never loose the ground continuity at the plug. I'm stummped.
  8. So far grounds have no resistance, while in still cleaning connections I thought I'd make sure I'm getting 12 volt to ecu, pin 3 ingnition is good, 4 battery good, 7 B+ latch good, should I have it on 19 system power B+, because it's no voltage. Not sure where it goes to
  9. Thanks for your reply, you seem to be the best resource for us home grown repair men. I'll do some more checking on grounds and resistance between ecm connection and isa plug. Is there any wiring diagram available for the relay next to the battery and the solenoid below the battery. I'd like to understand where to expect 12 volt and 5 volt. I have had to fix some corrosion below the battery before. Hope it's not ecm, don't think I'll find a replacement. Thanks again for your help!
  10. I installed a new isa. I can manually run it out and back in. But it will not move on its own. I've done all the test's including closed idle and nothing. I checked and have continuity from plug to ecu and test switch and nothing appears shorted. It doe's nothing when I turn off key. Any thoughts
  11. I did try that and did get that rough idle result so I was confident it was seated. Another question, I replaced the isa motor but can't figure out how to set it without the special tool to fully extend it. Do I jumper to the back of the isa where the plug goes? If so what terminals do i make contact with? I seen one of your attachmen's had negative to the front and fully retract the 2nd one in.
  12. Thanks for the reply, i didnt figure it was part of my idle problem (unless its leaking vacum), Ive been on the hunt to solve this issue. In the process of checking my tps setting i broke one of the aluminum screws that hold it in place. So off with the throttle body to try and drill and tap it out.
  13. I have purchased an 87 yj tbi 2.5. With help from this site I have been tinkering with this thing trying to get it to run as its suppose to especially in this cold weather. I was looking at my egr valve while I was replacing the vacuum lines and noticed it was unhooked and the line feeding it is plugged. I did notice that the vacuum port on the egr was facing the front of the jeep, that seems to be the wrong direction to me.
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