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  1. So I am swapping in a NP219 out of a 1980 Wagoneer. Seemed to be a good fit since my axles don't have the vacuum locking mechanism. This transfer case does not use vacuum either. 4Hi, 4lock, Neutral and 4low. Does anybody know what order these gears are in and which gear I should be using on pavement? Feel stupid for asking but that's better than ruining stuff.
  2. Well I did pick up the 3.54 axles, but they are early 1981 and the full-time version. Got me thinking about swapping to a Jeep AW4 tranny and a dana 300 transfer case with a flip kit. would tha tbe possible? Would it give me manual operation of the 2wd to 4wd mode and have overdrive to help with the gearing. I know it is a electronically controlled transmission, but I believe I have found others that have made it work properly. One thing I am wondering about though is the 1980-86 Cj had lock out hubs i believe. My eagle does not. Is that a problem?
  3. Thanks for all the information Moses. I was unsure on the years. My 1983 does have the disconnect mechanism you talk about on it. Can you take the carrier and gear set out of a full-time 4wd model from 1980-82 and install it in my 1983 axle? It seems to me once you get to 1983 everthing has 2.38 gear just about. Maybe 2.72 on occasion. so finding a suitable 1983 axle or axles (i know they have to match) will be very difficult.
  4. I have purchased an 1983 AMC EAgle SX4 with 2.38 gearing and Select drive. I would like to switch to sonme 1980 axles with 3.07 gearing. But that was a full time 4wd model. I think the rear will directly swap. but what about the front? Isn't there a vacuum actualtor on that axle? If so can I just switch the internal? Carrier? Posted here because the Eagle is closely related to the Xj. Any help appreciated.
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