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  1. Yes Moses, That was the problem. I have only moved it and parked it so far but all the gears are working as they are supposed to. There is a circlip on the sliding valve which I replaced. Thanks again, arby123
  2. Hi Moses, What I found yesterday that I think was the problem was the small shaft or pin that sticks into the manual valve that slides back and forth had jumped a couple of nothches in the sliding valve. I found a picture on the net that shows it in the first slot. It may have happened when I undid the shift lever from the side of the tranny. The nut was very tight and I probably banged the wrench with my fist to break it loose. I am now going to check if that circlip is supposed to be somewhere on that sliding valve to prevent this from happening. I can't find a clear picture or diagram on the net so far to indicate if there is one there or not. Thanks , arby123
  3. Hello, looks like very informative forum so I'll post my dilemma. Started out not going into reverse after a while of working in the bush used as a small dump truck. Next morning reverse worked fine again. This has gone on for some time. Truck not used that much. I decided to change the MLPS or neutral safety switch to perhaps correct this problem. I have checked and rechecked the wires and colours and even tried another new switch and what I get is reverse in low, and some forward gear in reverse. Starts in N and P. Backup light goes on in R. I'm at my wits end with what could be the problem. Yesterday I dropped the pan with the thought that I may have broken something in the shift linkage but all I found was a bent e type circlip in the bottom of the pan. Any help greatly appreciated,Thanks, arby123
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