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  1. Just wanted to close this thread out with the resolution so others can hopefully benefit. The owner had purchased a new but cheap Crank Position Sensor as the symptoms pointed to the CPS. That sensor was checked and was just slightly low on the resistance check, and seemed to be putting out ~0.5 VAC when cranking. After miles of wire tracing, and epic growling and gnashing of teeth, another, higher quality CPS was installed, and the Wrangler started up and ran. Moral of the story- don't trust the cheapest part in the list...
  2. Moses, thanks for your suggestions and for all of the invaluable info on your site. That Fluke 1587 meter is interesting, but costs almost more than than the Jeep was purchased for. Honestly, this is a very black and white problem. The Jeep was running and being driven daily, then suddenly there is no spark or fuel signals. The owner and I spent several days cleaning grounds and sensor plugs, and tracing circuits with both resistance readings and audible signal. From all I've read so far (Please correct me!), only the WOT switch has the ability to completely stop the gas injection signal
  3. Hi Guys! I've scoured these pages the last couple days, but can't find anything that matches my specific dilemma. I have a 1990 Wrangler w/ 150k miles on it, recent acquisition by my future son-in-law. It was running relatively fine, but it quit suddenly on a recent trip. It started cutting out when hitting bumps, then finally quit altogether. After dragging it home, hitting the forums, swapping a few parts, following all the sensor tests and wrapping my head around this TBI setup, I am afraid I have a partially dead ECU. -All ignition parts replaced- Ignition Module, Coil, Wire
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