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  1. Moses, I just replaced the front o2 sensor with an ntk direct fit seems to be functioning good, when I pull a vacuum line it jumps full lean and when I spray carb cleaner in the vacuum leak it goes full rich. I changed it thinking maybe it was biased one way or the other from the old head which had a Crack in it thus coating the o2 sensor with cumbusted coolant but guess it wasn't the problem. I checked the tips with obd2 graphing doing a slow sweep and no drop offs or spikes it looked nice and smooth. I have 3 tps sensors sitting around I could try, they aren't slotted so it should be easy to just change one out for another. I think I got from 14% to 75% calculated position on the sweep. I checked voltage at the connector (back probed) and I don't remember what it was but I remember it being in spec according to the service manual, maybe 1.3v to 4.3v or something like that. I could check it again when I try and swap it with one of the spare ones I have. I think they are all Mopar sensors. One more thing I noticed today we are in our monsoon season here in AZ and the humidity is at 60% this morning where as its usually at 10% or less and it seems to be running way better. Any thoughts on this? I can't imagine what would change in regards to moisture in the air that would be a positive, maybe lower combustion chamber temps? Maybe I should try running mid grade or super gas?
  2. 97 2.5l tj ax5 4.10 graers 2.5" lift and 31" at tires. Greetings, I'm a first time poster and also a master mechanic. I have owned the Jeep for 6 years, last year the engine lost oil pressure and I got a used rebuilt motor with only 1000 miles out of a 97 tj that got t boned a week after the engine was installed. After about 6 months of driving around the engine developed a miss on cylinder 1 I traced it down to a Crack in the intake runner for that cylinder and changed the the head with a rebuilt O'Reilly head for 300 bucks plus bolts and gaskets. The problem I have had with it all along even with the original engine is a rough idle slow Rev up and slight miss under heavy load and also pops on decel in gear out of the exhaust and also If i do a throttle snap in neutral it pops from the exhaust . I have replaced the muffler and cat, the front 02 sensor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil, distributor, injector pig tails, head, exhaust manifold, lifters, fuel pump module, engine mounts, and radiator. Most of these parts were old and needed to be replaced I wasn't trying to fix the issues with them. I checked the timing chain it is tight and on time, distributor is on time, checked all the sensor readings and all seem within spec, fuel trims are 3% st and 6%lt at idle cruse it's closer to 0% for both and wot it is 0% (I live in Mesa AZ and it's hot as hell and the summer gas sucks here) I think the alcohol content has something to do with the trims being slightly positive. With a vacuum gauge hooked up at idle it is about 19" at 1300 feet above sea level but the needle vibrates about 1 to 2 inches at idle some times especially with the a/c on. at cruse it vibrates about a half an inch of vacuum. Checked exhaust back pressure and it's .5 psi at idle and about 1 to 2 psi at 2500rpm. Also checked the battery and charging system and at 110° ambiance air temp I'm charging at 13.8v and the battery is strong when tested also. This is just driving me nuts any ideas that might help would be awesome! If any more info is needed please let me know?
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