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  1. I certainly appreciate the informative responses that you have offered, before posting here I did not realize how much there is to know about something as mundane as a transmission. Thanks again for your willingness to take the time and respond in such detail. Here are more specifications from this transmission based on the questions you asked earlier: 1. input /main to cluster gear ratio: 18:30. (Counting the cluster gear teeth was a little difficult since it is hidden below the input gear, but after several iterations of turning the input shaft and squinting at the gear teeth,
  2. Thanks again for the history and background on the T-86 transmission. Back in the day I used to work in the oil fields of northern New Mexico, and learned to drive a tractor trailer with 18 forward speeds and no synchronization. Like you did with your '51 Ford F-3, I learned to instinctively listen to the engine rpm and match it to engine speed before shifting. The additional specifications that you listed are as follows. I am also attaching several additional photographs of the transmission. Input shaft: 24 splines, 0.675" pilot bearing nose diameter, 1.375" front bearing ret
  3. Thanks for the response, Moses, you made some useful suggestions. I will note those additional specifications you listed, and post them here in a follow on message this weekend. The rather elderly man who gave me the transmission, and has the unfinished '49 Ford, stated the transmission was originally for his restoration project, but he has lost interest in completing it. So I am assuming that it came from a Ford, although it was not ever installed in it. Once I have the input shaft size, spline count, and length, it will be easier to determine its origin.
  4. T86 F-1 Ford/Mercury 3-speed transmission with overdrive. $250 or best offer. This transmission was intended for a '49 Ford restoration project that was never completed. Its time for it to go; make me an offer. Located in Warrrenton, VA.
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