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  1. Moses, the J10 project has been on the back burner for some time now (years). I have already rebuilt a TBI 350 from an old Caprice cop car, so it has the factory roller lifters. The engine/tranny have been done for a long time so once a month or so I start it up with a electric fuel pump and boat gas tank. At the time when I acquired the Caprice I had my blinders on and didn't explore the LS market, I wish I would have because I could have gotten a low mileage pull out 5.3L for what I spent on my TBI motor. I used to have a healthy 258 in the J10 but people liked the way it ran so much tha
  2. Well, I just finished installing my tranny and transfer case, after rebuilding both......and both perform better than ever! I obviously had a few stalls along the way but should be good for a long time to come. Thank you for the support on this project. Now I can move forward on getting my fuel injected 350 with full manual reverse pattern valve body TH350 into my 80' J10 rock rig.
  3. Moses, your detailed knowledge of this trans is unbelievable! The Loctite 640 solution was just that, a solution. I was able to get the trans back together this evening. Next day off I am going to break down the transfer case and throw some new bearings in it, marry the two and reinstall in the jeep. Sounds easy enough, but because this TJ was abused by its previous owner (no maintenance) I'm sure to find some additional wear in there too. Thanks for your advice.
  4. I am finally getting back to my trans rebuild. My problem is the main shaft and counter shaft bearings that mount in the mid plate (the ones with snap rings) are not as tight of a fit as I would have expected. It's not that they are loose but I can turn the outer race by hand without a ton of effort. The bore in the plate has a small amount of discoloring but does not appear to have spun the bearings. I wanted to see what you all thought of this and I suppose I will have to get my old ones out of the scrap bin and see how their fit was as well.
  5. Great info. I am in the process of rebuilding my AX15. It has been a slow project as I don't have much time at any one moment to spend on it. Before I ordered my rebuild kit I emailed the supplier and he informed me that all the kits he sells have the updated style synchros. He stated they don't make the old style any longer. My kit arrived and they are correct Bummer part is I chipped away a few corners on my second gear while attempting to press it off. I guess I'll be sourcing a new/used second gear.
  6. Yes you need a puller, you can use a harmonic balancer puller. Be sure to disconnect negative battery terminal. There is a youtube video of one being done on a Cherokee, but they are the same. Oh, make sure to get one (clock spring) for a cruise control equipped model as they are different. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxYHC6oX6eQ
  7. I don't know if you ever found any resolve to your problem, but I did once have the exact same problem as you except that my horn did not function either. It was the clockspring. At the time (~2 years ago) the clockspring was on national back order. I bought a used one online and installed it myself and all works great.
  8. I just wanted to say thanks to you all for all for the knowledge and detail that has been posted for the AX15. I'm currently in the rebuild phase of my 1999 TJ AX15 and have it disassembled with the exception of pressing apart the main shaft. I find it helpful to now know about the 3&4th synchro change that was made and will most likely not be correct in my "kit" that I have yet to order. Keep up the good work!
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