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  1. Bummer lol, I was hoping it would be more simple, I dont want to half to change over the transfer case and harness let alone the cab lol, ok, I will just have to buy another truck with a 5 speed and fix that up, not worth all the hassle. I will take it in and get the tranny flushed and replace the filter and fluid and see if that helps for next winter. Thanks guys for all the help its great having you here to stop us from getting into trouble
  2. Hi I am about to begin restoring this pickup and adding some extra goodies to make it a better truck, but I do not like the auto transmission it has. Being in a cold climate area in the winter, it doesn't like to shift into overdrive when its 10 below zero and colder. I would like to change it out for a 5 speed manual but is that even worth thinking about? I am good with mechanics but not sure if I want to do it if it means a new harness or new transfer case and drive shafts and such. Can this be done without a complete revamping of the drivetrain ?
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