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  1. Moses, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will try these suggestions. If the transmission was generating any DTC's, would they be read by using my scanner the same as I do for reading the engine DTC's or are they accessed some other way? I ask because it seems as if the torque converter is locking up at low RPM's causing the engine to stall. Thank you, Larry
  2. 1995 Ford F150 4.9L, fuel injected, automatic E4OD, 2WD. A am using an Actron CP9145 scanner. I have scanned, repaired and cleared all DTC's. All were engine related. It has not generated any transmission codes. The problem I have is the truck stalls as soon as it starts to move. The truck starts fine and runs fine in all gears as long as the brake is applied. As soon as the brake is released and the truck starts to move, it wants to stall. It acts like the transmission is exerting a load on the engine, causing it to stall. With the proper finesse, the accelerator can be used to keep the RPM's high enough to prevent stalling. Once the truck is rolling, it runs fine. It stalls when braking to a stop unless the transmission is shifted to neutral. Any Ideas?
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