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  1. Last question I hope what voltage should be on the plug to the isa? 5.2V? 12-13V? thanks!!!!
  2. Thanks, great input !! but I fear there's an other issue with my isa, the wiring seems to be damaged and so I need a wiring Diagramm to rewire it !! got a link to a matching Diagramm? throttle relay is ok, so I need to know the way wiring goes from the relay to the isa!!! is it right that throttle relay and fuel pump Relais are similar? please help!! thanks again!!!!
  3. How may I test the idle speed actuator in my 88s 2.5L4 MJ is still ok? got the feeling there's no activity from it! maybe the wiring, or the isa is broken? Changed the isa though!! thanks from Germany!! kalle
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