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  1. wolfman...Sorry you've had bad experiences with other forums, I understand...As a courtesy, I will keep topic content visible to the "(Old) Member" group so that folks like yourself who posted content between 2013 and January 31, 2018 will continue to have access to your topic posts and the replies. As an unsubscribed "Old" Member, however, you will not be able to post new topics or replies. Be aware that unsubscribed old members and guests will not be able to open or download PDFs after January 31, 2018. I'll miss your exchanges! Trust you will find the continued access to topics ("read-only") useful...If you change your mind at any time and want to convert your old membership to a Subscriber Member status, you will be welcome and can pick up posting and participation at the Forums! Best, Moses
  2. Guess I'll be seeing ya. Sorry to bail but I don't pay for anything on forums of any kind. I did this once and it ended up costing me a lot more. Not that I think it would here but I've just made it a rule for myself. Glad to have gotten to talk to you guys. Later
  3. I'm in Iowa. Right now I have the tranny back in, tomorrow I will finish filling it with oil and try it without the TC on it.
  4. Yep yep and yep lol. All of the clutch parts are as they should be and installed correctly. Drew, I would have to look it up again to be sure of the brand of clutch set. I got it from O'Reilly
  5. I have the 231 TC. Drew it makes no difference at all. At this point I think I'm going to reinstall the tranny and then start it up and try it. If it doesn't do it then, then I'll know it's the TC. BTW I couldn't find any wear marks in the TC where it was slipping or anything abnormal.
  6. Ok moses, I have a question. I find ally got this put together once, took it down the road and all was good until I downshifted. I heard this terrible racket under the ZJ the sounded a lot like the splines on the drive shafts were letting it spin across them. (That was not the case thank goodness.) By the time I got it back home, every time you let the clutch out it makes this noise and it won't move. I checked the drive shafts first and it's all good. Took out TC and tore it apart, all looks good in there. Took out AX15 and pulled the case apart on it, can't see anything wrong there either. Took off the clutch and it looks good. I can't find a single thing that would make it do that. Any ideas?
  7. Moses, I had to take the top half of the automatic transmission tail mount and bolt it to the bottom section of the manual transmission tail mount. Before bolting them together though, I had to cut off the exhaust hanger from the bottom section. Since the manual XJ has completely different hangers, when you cut that one off it will leave room for the automatic ZJ exhaust hanger that is already on the top section of the tail mount. This proccess will allow the tail mount to bolt right up to the ZJ cross member.
  8. I took the bracket from the automatic 4x4 shift linkage and cut pieces of of it to make it flat, held it up there where it needed to be and marked it. Then I welded it to the manual bracket. This way you won't have to move the piece on the body back.
  9. Ok moses, then no it does not make up that 2 3/8" difference. Hence the reason for shortening and lengthening drive shafts. Drew, thank you for your info. I didn't even think of a 2wd cherokee. I was thinking of maybe a Dakota drive shaft.
  10. What adapter are we talking about? I didn't put anything extra on it. I bolted the tranny directly to the engine block, the transfer case directly to the tranny.
  11. Glad you got it going drew. How did you solve the rear drive shaft being to short? Moses, sorry I've been away. Been very busy lately, wife having foot trouble again and my wrench time got cut way down. I did however measure the trannys with a tape measure. The manual is 2 3/8" shorter than the automatic.
  12. Ok, the first 2 pics show the automatic tranny tail shaft and the TC input shaft. The next 2 show the manual tranny tail shaft and the TC input shaft for it. You could put the automatic tail shaft into the manual's TC but not the other way around. Also when I said we measured the 2 trannys and they were the same length, turns out my father-in-law stepped it out beside each one instead of using a tape measure. The manual is shorter than the automatic. When I measure it out I'll let you know how much. The front drive shaft out of the XJ will now work in the ZJ. However, this is not the case for the rear one, it will have to be longer now. Many of these issues could've been fabricated differently if they were known ahead of time. I will make suggestions on that when I'm done.
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