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  1. Hey i am new to this site and to the jeepers community i live in Hawaii and i have a 1989 jeep wrangler with a 2.5l tbi motor brand new and installed not to long ago i have issues with idle i replaced just about everything sensor wise like IAC , MAP TPS coolant temp sesor plugs wires ignition coil and module EGR vaccum solonoid and CPS PCV and the other one on valve cover along with new fuel pump with filter and fuel pressure check which was fine the injector is probly 3moths old as well and i still have a weird loopy idle up and down slitghty then when i accelerate to 2300-2500 rpm it misses and hesitates then clears up as i climb past it also when i press the gas and rev up and let it go the climb down is almost instantly low and begins to miss badly and then return to 800-900 rpm up and down looping again badly checked vaccum lines cant find any leaks i need help im running out of ideas Maybe ECM ?????
  2. Hello im new to this i am from hawaii i have a 1989 jeep wrangler and have a brand new motor installed it had an idle problem so i changed the tps set it in between 4.6 and 4.7 on the multimeter which is what the dealer said to set it as and it runs for ten minutes and as soon as i tal the gad it sputter then dies any ideas ?
  3. Hello im new to this im from hawaii and have taken intrest in jeeps i have a 89 yj 2.5l tbi and just dropped a brand new reman motor and am having idle issues i set timing and with new plugs distributer wires new iac coolant temp o2 sensor fuel pressure reg. I have a miss or a rough idle that i cant figure out it smooths out if i press the wide open throttle sensor but as soon as i press gas goes back to rough idle also the egr soloid i pulled the plug out to see if there is diffeence and nothing im guessing its that . Help pls used to working on old toyotas
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