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  1. First, I'm not sure what I would do without your books. I'm a newbie mechanic restoring my own 82 CJ7. I have your Jeep Rebuilder's Manual and I have searched many forums. The complete MPFI kit came with my 82 CJ. I'm lucky because the kit was worth more than I paid for the entire Jeep. With some help from a mechanic friend the install of the MPFI has been pretty straightforward. I still have some factory wiring issues (what I need to use, what I don't) but I'll go slow and steady and figure out. My question is mainly around what needs to be connected to the charcoal canister that came with the kit and where. The "carb" port is sealed on my canister. So I have a larger vent looking port on the left just like the one below. As this picture shows can I connect vent to fuel tank on this larger port? What connects to the smaller black fitting on the top. Right now my single rail fuel pressure regulator is connected just to manifold vacuum. Do I need to use the split fitting and connect this to the canister as well? I also have a connection that comes from the new air intake that I'm pretty sure goes to the canister. My last question is do I need this line from the kit and and if so, where does it go? I really have searched and found many photos and have your instruction from Jeep Restorers Bible and Mopar MPFI instructions but they only show one end. I'm so new to this I need the connect this to this. Thanks so much! Michael
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