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  1. Our truck has a 8 inch lift and oversized tires, we purchased like that ran truck for year and half and never had issue. Replaced Transmission, front hub assemblies, carrier barring, u joints, cam shaft position sensors, front breaks
  2. Why do you think the rear breaks are locking up?
  3. They diagnosed a bad tranny, so we replaced, picked up truck today while driving home, still having same issue rear breaks are locking up for split second feels like someone hit you from behind and tranny down shifted and rpm run up and tranny acts as if in neutral. Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks Christa/David
  4. Moses- this is bruce Christa brother, I've been helping her with the truck. It is a 2007 f350, transmission is 5R110W. We replaced the joint at the transfer case greased the drive lines at the slip yokes. First thing the truck had a cam code that was repaired. Christa had the SSPC-E and internal harness replaced used Ford products. After we replaced the u joint test drove u joint issue fixed the truck was driven and the sudden jolt happen again when the truck was driven in 3rd gear no jolt but of course high rpm in 3rd put in Drive eith overdrive engaged and napped again. Please advise.
  5. I have a F350 4 x 4, 5.4L, I am having an issue when I am driving anywhere from 40 to 75, it feels like someone going 100 miles per hour rams right into the back of my truck then it seems as if the gear gets stuck, it causes me whiplash almost and also my tires screech. Then I have to pull over and turn off vehicle for it to kind of reset it self. Does it happen all the time no. Is it happening more frequently, yes. The code that was flashing was for a solenoid sensor so that was replaced. Can you give some sort of direction. After code was fixed we thought issue was fixed and no still did same thing, and the truck is NOT giving one single code. please help. Thank you Quote Edit
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