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  1. Yeah I saw that honestly $75 plus shipping is about double what I feel is fair plus like I said the whole point of these forums is to share knowledge not profit from it (at least my opinion) and like I said I've found free or under $40 copies for every vehicle I've owned just quite disheartened that the manual isn't available somewhere and when I do find it I will gladly convert it to digital and even host a free site to share it with the world for the love of restoring these old trucks and keeping them on the road! Thanks for the help thou with the link! Cheers Matt!?
  2. i have searched the internet far and wide I need a service manual for a 1969 international scout 800a that I recently picked up...I have owed close to 40 vehicles in my life and I've never not been able to find a FREE digital copy of the service manual for a vehicle....it's really sad when scumbags are charging up to $200 for a copy! When I find one or if someone has a paper copy (around 988 pages)I have the ability to convert it to digital I will share it from here to Texarkana to help others like myself to keep these old corn binders on the road....let me know in my PM if you have one or a copy you can share via google docs thanks in advance!
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