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  1. Hello! I'm one of the many 2.5L 4 cylinder Jeep TJ owners who want's more power. I've thought about doing many complicated swaps. I've even thought about putting a 6 cylinder jeep TJ engine in my 2.5L. With the new Cummins R2.8L 4 Cylinder Diesel engines, I really wanted to do the swap. What things would I have to have done? I'd be having a mechanic do the swap of course, but I'm looking into pricing and if it's worth my while. Everybody says to just trade it for the 6 cylinder jeep, or trade and do the swap on the 6 cylinder jeep. I have a lot of money on my 2.5L Jeep in suspension and more, and I don't really want to just get rid of it for half it's price. I've seen people do the swaps before, I just wonder if swapping this new crate engine is possible? Even if I have to buy a new transmission, radiator, computer, etc.
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