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  1. Had my 1971 CJ5 225 V6 rebuilt. Machinist decked the block 0.065 and angle milled the heads 0.125. I am having problems with push rod lengths and intake manifold fit. The machinist did not mill the intake side of the heads to match the head rotation or machine the intake manifold for the change. I appear to have a vacuum leak under the manifold. Possibly not seating low enough. The push rods also appear to be too long not allowing the valves to seat correctly. I am looking at adjustable push rods from TA Performance for the push rod problem. but I am not sure how to address the manifold issue. How do I determine how much to machine off the manifold and at what angle? I am using an Offenhauser Dual Port manifold. Should the intake side of the heads be machined to correct the angle to match manifold angle?
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