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  1. Thanks Moses. Im thinking its going to work. As a reminder, I am converting my RENIX TBI to a MPI system. I have everything except that higher pressure fuel pump.
  2. Hi Moses, To confirm; the fuel pump needs to be changed when converting from TBI to MPI. Per your link, you listed the Chrysler #'s 4637192 & 4637193. On the linked site, they indicate the kit is for a wrangler. Do you think the same kit will work in my 2.5L Comanche fuel tank? http://www.fuelpumps.com/-c-0/19911993-jeep-wrangler-fuel-pump-4-cyl-25l-p-efi-chrysler-s-4637192-4637193-p-2210.html
  3. Thanks Moses, and darn! I will be converting to 4X4 in the future but I like to do small bits at a time rather than all at once. Since the flywheel needs to be changed the best time is when I change the transmission. So it seems like I will be doing all at once: change transmission, change flywheel, add MPFI, all required components, transfer case, and drive shaft. I have the other distributor so that will be part of the swap. and oh, the fuel pump too. yikes! I was able to scrounge a picture of the Renix flywheel before I swapped the engine last time. Upon inspection, there is
  4. Hi 4WD Mechanix, I love the site and am so happy you are fielding questions from common folk like me! Your troubleshooting guide for the 2.5L TBI helped me turn my limping MJ into a reliable daily driver! Current set-up: 1987 MJ, 2.5L with AX-4 manual transmission, 2WD. Future: I want to convert to the multi-port FI. I have all the equipment, ECU, harness, manifold, etc., from a donor engine. Question: Do I need to change the RENIX flywheel to the MPFI flywheel? I have the MPFI flywheel on my work bench (the RENIX is in the truck), but whether the flywheel needs to be cha
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