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  1. Will update as soon as the new pcm/ecu gets here... I look forward to maybe helping someone else with their troubles...thanks again for all the help.
  2. Just an update on solenoid tests etc...solenoids are good but ss2 does not receive the high voltage from the pcm only the low voltage side... So for all those folks that had or have the same problem I would say 99.44% sure it is as you said Moses a pcm problem....FYI folks...all the numbers on pcm's must match in order for the pcm to work properly with no modifications, otherwise you end up with my dilemma and that being that I have a 4wd pcm for a 2wd truck and although the engines are the same the drivelines are different not to mention that the pcms are from 2 different years....if all wiring,sensor (vss,tps,mlps,rabs,psom, shift solenoid)and circuitry tests are done independent of the pcm then that only leaves one problem...The PCM...having said that Moses I'm close to tracking down the problem for the ss2 circuit failure....seems there is a ground on one year that is not on another....could be why I don't get the high voltage pulse from the pcm to ss2..... anyway I think that the original problem has been addressed and through thorough testing it has been determined that the pcms are not compatible and a new pcm that matches my application would be the correct fix...hope this helps someone else in the future....Moses I will continue my investigation into the pcm to find the differences between the 2 and let you know what I come up with....a $.50 wire jumper beats a $500 pcm any day of the week....if I need to open another discussion for this let me know and again thanks for all the great help and advice
  3. Pcm turns out to be a 94 f350 and 4wd obviously ,.. . numbers are eec-iv efi-sd48e. f4tf 12a650 za g with a catch code of tago...other numbers are 64ese48n43 10777-314 4d13 maybe this will help you help me......will do solenoid tests as well and let you know what I find out. (Fyi...opened this pcm and looks like it's been previously repaired????) Pretty sure I need a pcm but we will see.. thanks again Moses
  4. Thanks for the advice.... I try not to ever send anything through the pcm.... these things are a little touchy about unintended voltage aren't they? Any idea where I might find the pcm or ecu pinout for these two particular models? Or just some sort of diagram?I've looked online for the original one with no luck for a specific pinout diagram....will have the other one out shortly and then maybe I can look up a pinout for that one and test with the meter to compare circuits if I can't find the pinout.. 60 wires are a lot to trace..... Hope I can find the pinouts but if not I'll do it the old fashioned way and keep testing...As I said before all of the generic pinouts I see online have the #2 shift solenoid on pin 19 and it's not there on my truck...I will test it again before I take the pcm out to make sure of the pin it's on as it's wired in the truck.. thanks for all the help so far and maybe we will come to a finding that keeps someone else from having to do all the testing etc I've done so far...pinouts really make things easy.... But hey easy isn't the only way...
  5. Original pcm is an f3tf12a650ka with a catch code of elf....that checks out for year, model, trans, ECT...will pull the one in it now later this evening and post the info....Moses I see that you know where I was trying to go with this so I'll disclose what I've found and that is that the solenoid output prong for solenoid #2 circuit is on pin 19 on every pcm I can find except the one that was in the truck originally(info posted earlier in this reply) if I had the pinout on both models it would be great but I'll keep going the way we're going now and maybe you see something I don't....I haven't tested the circuit with the koeo with a test light hooked up to see if the pcm even sends a ground pulse to the shift solenoid but I think it would be a good idea... How about you? I'm thinking also if I get the info off the pcm in the truck I'll be able to find out through a pinout if the solenoid circuit is the same or not...I'd say it's probably pin19 instead of the pin where it is now....you?
  6. Wondering also if there might be a pinout for the Pcm for 2WD and 4 WD...I think you know where I'm headed with that but like I said earlier we'll go through the process in order first
  7. Will check the plug and compare between old pcm and new pcm today...I have an idea but I don't want to jump ahead...maybe something we find here can help someone else...
  8. Thanks for the reply first of all.....I have codes 622 and 633 for the koeo test....I tested the solenoids before installing the new solenoid pack and they are all good...even the old one tests good.....all plugs wires etc are good from the pcm to the plug on the solenoid pack including the mlps and o2 sensor.... everything works fine with the exception of the tranny....it shifts into second too early or feels like it skips second all together....if I shift manually it shifts perfect....while driving the other day it did shift properly once and then back to the s.o.s....again new vss,tps,iac,mlps,plugs wires,cap,rotor,air temp,water temp sensors....I'm guessing that I should have paid closer attention to the replacement pcm but the donor vehicle was a 2wd....460...e40d...f250....without making the post a mile long I'll start with koeo 622,633....koer 411,412...engine runs perfect just shifts way too early
  9. My 1993 2wd 460 e40d pcm went bad....replaced the pcm with a used one and all engine symptoms returned to normal.....when the pcm went bad the truck went into limp mode and shifted really erratic...(early shifts)...checked harnesses,plugs, wires ....from plugs on end of harness to pcm no problems at all....replaced abs sensor in rear end and mlps....no change....I have a few codes so here they are ....622,633-dont understand this one as I do not have 4wd.....411&412...replaced solenoid pack as well but old one tested good...any suggestions????
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