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  1. Mine is an 84. I am going to keep this one for off road and get another one for daily driving. I am going to look for one with fuel injection. Mine is the xlt with the Eddie Bower package. I would love to have the lockers, but I think I really might not need them. Obviously this vehicle has it's limitations, but I am old and I am not going to get myself into too bad of a place. There is a possibility I do have the automatic locking but I haven't seen any mention of it anywhere. Considering this has all the other upgrades, it might be on there and if it is, that would explain why it climbs so well in 2WD.
  2. I live in Alaska and I don't drive on the road an more, but I have a bronco 2 I bought for my grandson to drive me places. We decided to take the bronco off road for the afternoon to see what it actually could do. Since we only had street tires, I bought a set of snow chains to even up the score a little but that was all. This little v-6 made this thing jump up and move. We got to a big sand hill he wanted to try but I didn't think we would make it without off road tires, but we actually went up without even a strain, hardly even spun a tire. I was totally impressed what an off the showroom floor vehicle can do off road. We went on some 4 wheeler trails and we went everywhere they went. We didn't get into much mud but what we did go through it did fine except one time when both front wheel were off the ground and nothing is going to move in that. That wasn't the best part though, when we got back home I went to turn off the front hubs and discovered that we both had forgotten to engage the front hubs. We were in 2wd the whole time.
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