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  1. Hi Moses I love reading and learning from your knowledge and have a few questions concerning fuel mileage. I own a 07 mega cab shortbox 4WD 5.9 and I haul camper trailers from US to Canada daily. KN cold air built tranny sorry not sure info about the build other than he says it's now bullet proof!!! Anyways I had a problem week before tranny was done and was told it was my injectors they replaced injectors with aluminum tip aftermarket Bosch. My mileage was very high 30 empty and 15 18 towing acording to the lie o meter overhead since injectors were changed I fight to get 21 and 12 13 towing.oh and first trailer I hooked to after injectors replaced took out tranny so 15 grand in weeks time  BRUTAL! I run stock 235 80 17 oh and I have a 75 gallon fuel cell. Sorry also a automatic. I was owner operator of big truck for 15 years and I drive my mega cab the same 60 65 and can't get my numbers up any. I've tried sMarty on every level to no real gains.contemplating going back to stock??? Will bigger tires give me better mpg please help any and all advise is appreciated

    1. Moses Ludel

      Moses Ludel

      roadhammertaz...Thanks for joining the fuel efficiency discussion...I'm excited about sharing your 5.9L Cummins comments and opening points for a discussion.  Please post this note at the Ram diesel topic on fuel mileage and efficiency:

      Many can benefit from your questions and experience around fuel consumption.  I will reply there in detail, and we can continue the discussion...



    2. roadhammertaz
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