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  1. Welded on a few 32" pieces of 3x3 3/8" angle iron under the really weak spots. I found some spring hangers in the local junk yard that should suffice. Looks like the drums are fine yet all other brakes in nerds are gone and front brake lines crimped off?? The drums are 12 inch, does bendix offer a full kit, lines etc. minus the drum? Thank you for your time.
  2. Recently purchased a 1210 pickup. It has a lot of rust in the frame back aft, but otherwise it seems like a strong yard/plow truck. Grew up with a scout woods vehicle but it had the 4 cyl. This pickup I believe has the 345 v8. Someone swapped radiators and has clipped the front brake lines. Truck runs strong after some tinkering. Motor seems to be in good shape despite most of the header bolts rust-fused in place. What I would like to know is this... Inside the door, the sticker says produced by international harvester in augustAugust 1970. The grill is plastic, leadin me to think it is a 71.
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