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  1. Oh, boy, Jordan89oak...this really is disappointing. Aside from the testimonial to the abuse these engines can take, there's only a rebuildable core here. My guess is that the very loose timing chain jumped teeth? Look closely at the valves and piston crowns for signs of valve interference with the pistons and bent valves. (The chain looks loose enough for valve interference whether it jumped a tooth/teeth or not.) It's academic now, although you do want to check the rods for straightness if you decide to use this crankshaft and rods for a 4.6L stroker build or 4.2L restoration. Do
  2. Hi, Ian...The etching primer and its adhesion to your prepped base (the old OEM and rattle can) paint will steer the adhesion. Your two-stage urethane is contemporary, an extra step, and will "pop". Can't wait to see another Ian restoration! Moses
  3. rephil2316...Aluminum diesel engines are passenger car, smaller displacement designs. Any truck or even light truck design will have an iron block with iron or aluminum heads. There is the 3.0L V-6 EcoDiesel that Chrysler uses in the Ram 1500. Lots of torque (480 lb.ft.), good for a Dakota and towing. If the engine's bellhousing pattern is a match for Chrysler Hemi V-8s or your 4.7L, this might be a possibility. I'm not aware of any Ram light truck or Jeep using this engine with a manual transmission. Check around about mating a manual transmission to the back of this V-6 EcoDiesel.
  4. Lots to choose from, turoscea...For ideas on design and functionality, here's a quick look. There are many sources for tonneau covers, including your embedded link to https://www.4wheelonline.com: https://tonneaucoversworld.com/c/tonneau-covers/v/dodge/ram-3500/ Moses
  5. Hi, DarrenG...The Auto-Decompressor is part of the camshaft assembly on the XR650R. The fix was easy for my XR650R: I replaced the camshaft with a Hot Cams Stage 1 camshaft, which eliminated the Auto-Decompressor. XRs Only offers a Hot Cams Stage 1 camshaft for the 1988-up XR600R and XR650L (air cooled). Give them a call or email and ask if there is a Stage 1 camshaft that fits your 1987 XL600R and whether it eliminates the auto-decompressor mechanism. I believe your auto-decompressor may be like my 1984 Honda XR350R and XR500R with a cable actuated release lever and arm. My guess is
  6. Hi, Wayne...Sounds like your shop is busy! The portable boring bars at China are likely found in smaller shops across that country. If the block deck is square with the crankshaft centerline, this tool would work well and pay for itself quickly. We're both into pragmatic solutions. With the block square between the crankshaft centerline and block deck, this bar would work at a smaller shop. A hone like your new Lisle would finish the cylinders to size. I'm excited to share that a 4423 Automotive 4-Channel PicoScope kit came up on my radar screen yesterday morning. I had been wafflin
  7. Well, rephil2316, your Dakota uses the NV3500 transmission, similar to the NV3550 used in the Wrangler TJ, which in turn will interchange with an AX15. All of the comments regarding the R2.8L diesel conversion apply, and Advance Adapters would have the parts to mate your NV3500 to the Cummins R2.8L four. In my view, despite the ability of the R2.8L to be serve in vehicles like the Brazilian F350 Ford trucks, there is no substitute for cubic inches. The engine would be more than adequate for a Dakota until you add the terms "tow" or "camper". I have an '05 Ram 3500 with 5.9L Cummin
  8. As a core and spare parts, this is a bargain. If the block and head are rebuildable, you should be able to find a buyer quickly, even with freight charges...You noted that Elko, Nevada is the location...Best of luck, Speed!
  9. Oh, boy, Ian...Chemistry! Was the primer applied to the OEM paint? Was that an enamel or lacquer? You're using acrylic enamel primer or epoxy two-part primer? I've had good luck with two-part epoxy primers. They provide good sealing effect. Applied skillfully, which you do, they usually require no sanding (some need "abrading" or scuffing) and will serve as a good base for single stage enamel or a urethane color coat (must use correct primer for each type). I would guess that you're using a single stage acrylic enamel color coat? Which type of primer/sealer do you use for a base?
  10. playingsnooky...You're welcome...It's impossible to "tune" away a mechanical problem. You'll be thrilled with the leakdown tester. There are five basic engine needs: 1) Normal oil pressure and lubrication (proper bearing clearances, etc.) 2) Normal compression and cylinder/valve seal (the leakdown test) 3) Correct valve timing (timing chain and sprocket wear or jumped teeth) 4) Correct valve lift (camshaft lobe condition, valve clearances, etc.) 5) Normal manifold vacuum (manifold gasket seal, valve lift and timing, compression, etc.) The rest is tuning once th
  11. I like it! Looks like a bumper that could easily support the tire carrier. Surprised they don't offer that as an option. What is the retail or best price for this bumper? Can it be purchased without powder coating or paint? Bare would be better for a welding project. You could do the carrier install then prime and paint...Great looking bumper!
  12. playingsnooky...The bluish smoke is the clue. Despite the decent compression, your engine is burning oil. You have found telltale signs in several areas. The oil in the exhaust stream raises havoc with the A/F ratios, and the O2 sensor is trying to compensate with a richer mix. A clogged cat is possible if oil burning has gone on for some time. Even though the engine seems to run okay and perform like other 4.0Ls, I would check the exhaust for back-pressure and also run a CO/HC reading with an engine analyzer and tailpipe probe. HC will be high from oil burning, CO may be normal or c
  13. If you do fabricate a tire carrier, we'd enjoy seeing your approach! The rear bumper would be the wild card. I'm not sure what your bumper options might be. Any ideas?
  14. jordan89oak...So a CJ water pump will not fit the late 4.0L block? Mounting holes for the water pump do not align? Can you fabricate mounting plates for the CJ power steering pump that would align with the late water pump mounting bolt pattern, using the water pump bolt holes to secure the fabricated P/S pump support bracket? Or would this make pulley alignment difficult? Can you use the late style power steering pump and brackets? If that works, you need to compare and match the pressure output from the late pump to a CJ pump and steering gear. What would it take to make this s
  15. Knyte...Do you weld? There are pivot pin and bearing sets available for building your own spare tire mount. Rectangular tubing makes an excellent bumper mount spare tire carrier. You generally use an aftermarket bumper, but you would spend far less if you fab the tire mount. This approach might be a consideration. I used a Pivot King to upgrade the pivot on a Warn ($$$ as you suggest) rear bumper for our XJ Cherokee. The original pivot was a metal sleeve rotating on a solid steel pin—100% friction and gradual wear over time. That design was replaced by a double tapered roller beari
  16. Wayne, I'm thoroughly impressed with your honing pattern. Rings will seat beautifully, and this engine should run for 200,000 or more miles with the right oil. Smart move to use the medium grit stones, a good balance...The finish will retain oil without risk of blow-by. Really nice work and a service to other members and guests. I thought you'd be impressed with your new Lisle hone! These cylinders are round and true. As for in-chassis engine rebuilding, here's a tidbit. I worked with a machine shop at the back of a NAPA franchise, common in the day. The shop had a "portable" cyl
  17. This will be a winner when done! Great to refurb a vehicle and give it new life and usefulness...Was the spare tire oversized? Or is the tailgate a weak point on the Tracker?
  18. The photos are perfect, thanks! I see the trouble. Makes one wonder what possessed Jeep® to alter these castings with so few years of production left and so many common years behind? Mounts and brackets needed slight massaging with some 4.2L/4.0L swapping, but nothing this dramatic. I would fabricate or modify the brackets to match with existing threaded block holes. As you already have decided, I would not drill and tap the block. What is the block casting number? There's one approach regarding carburetion for a 4.0L. Clifford Performance offers a Ram Flow inline six carburetor in
  19. jordan89oak...I'd do the LS V-8 swap at this point, easier than the alternatives. Advance Adapters is my source for adapters. Which transmission do you currently have? What year is the CJ chassis? Glad to offer some ideas and pointers. As for photos, still no images. Here's the easiest way to post photos: 1) With your photo files in a folder on your PC or laptop, click on the "choose files" to the right of the paper clip (bottom of Reply window). This should open your file explorer. 2) Highlight the photo files (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.) and click upload or open. 3) Th
  20. Well, Knyte, sounds like Suzuki/Geo is right on par with other modern vehicle manufacturers. Their strategy is how quickly a vehicle can be assembled. Technicians at the dealership who perform warranty work get stuck figuring out, as you did, how to best tackle repairs like the heater core replacement. Good job, especially now that it's done. You won't have to deal with the heater core unexpectedly. Moses
  21. Good to know turoscea...I have an earlier Hero and find its light sensitivity exceptional. I have merged many GoPro clips into high-end filming shoots with a DSLR and camcorder. You cannot tell the difference. Color balance and resolution are exceptional. Easy to use. If I had one camera on a desert island, it would be a GoPro with a solar electrical source for recharging! I will look at the Hero 9...Thanks!
  22. Wayne, you did a fantastic, thorough job! Slightly outside the maximum in ten-thousandths (I'm guessing, knowing your high standards) is a non-issue with the new piston design. Nice looking pistons and skirts, tolerances are spot on, too. Those piston skirts are on for the duration. Your pin fit method looks great, thanks for the video! 480-degrees F is perfect, obviously enough to increase the small end bore size for pin fit but way below the threshold for heat affecting either the rod or piston! Emulates the spendy equipment approach, quick and easy with an infrared temperature too
  23. Mike...I'd run 4.10 or 4.56 gears with the 37"x12.5" tires. I have 4.56s in the Ram 3500 with 37"x12.5". The Cummins engine is spinning a bit faster than I'd like at 70-up mph, fuel mileage suffers. For a Pentastar 3.6L V-6 gasoline engine, however, the engine speed would be decent. I'll likely change to 4.10s before this is through. You might be happier with 4.56:1 considering the JT's weight and any plans to tow. Check out an rpm calculator and consider your overdrive ratio. Note the torque peak for your engine. I like to see the diesel engine near torque peak at normal interstat
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