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Guests, Members and Subscriber/Members each have specific privileges at these forums...Click here for details!

Moses Ludel

There are three ways to access the 4WD Mechanix 'Tech and Travel' Forums:  As a Guest, as an Original or New Member or as a Subscriber Member.  Each category has specific privileges:

GUEST:  As a Guest, you can navigate and read all text exchanges at these forums—free of charge.  There is no sign-in for Guests.  However, Guests must register as a "Member" to access attachment downloads (PDFs, illustrations, etc.).  Guests are otherwise welcome to navigate, read topic content and gain information from the many forum exchanges.  Guests do not have Messaging privileges.

ORIGINAL AND NEW MEMBERS (Non-Subscribers):  Original Members joined the forums between 2013 and February 1, 2018.  Original Members and New Members can read all content at the forums and also download attachments like PDF documents found within the exchanges.  "Members" cannot post new topics or replies.  Original and New Members do not have Messaging privileges.

SUBSCRIBER MEMBERS:  Beginning February 1, 2018, the paid Subscriber Members are forum Members with full access to the site.  Subscriber Members can post new topics and replies.  Subscriber Members can Message each other, the Moderator and the Administrator...Each Subscriber Member has a year of full access from the starting date of his or her subscription. 

Note:  Due to limited support, the Store and subscription sign-up for new subscriptions have been suspended as of June 1, 2018.  Existing Subscriber Members will be able to post new topics and reply to content until their subscriptions expire.  The last subscription will expire mid-May 2019, after which posting new topics and new replies at the forums will cease.

Beginning May 15, 2019, the forums will remain available as reference information only.  All topic URLs with posts and replies will remain available.  After mid-May 2019, Members and expired Subscriber Members will be able to read all content and download post attachments.  Guests will be able to freely navigate and read all text exchanges.  Guests will be required to become a Member (free) to access downloads.

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