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Here is my Baja setup.  I like to pack light so the bike still handles well off-road. I use a small pack on the back and the side bags that fit inside the crash bars.  It's a great bike off-road and you can cruise at 90 mph on the highway comfortably all day.




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Fantastic machine, Dabneyr!  KTM offers leading edge technology and constantly improves product. 


What is the approximate weight as pictured?  This looks like a much more manageable motorcycle off-pavement.  Pleased to read your comments about handling at speed "all day".  My only cycle that met that criteria was a BMW K1100LT capable of highway stints in the 600-700 mile range per day without rider fatigue.  That model had no off-pavement orientation at all.


How much mileage do you get between tire changes?  Type of tires?  The fuel MPG on-highway?  Off-pavement?  The mileage range as equipped?


Is maintenance reasonable, and do you service and repair the cycle yourself?  How is the parts availability? 


Please share your travels at the "Dual-Sport..." and "Travel & Adventure..." forums.  Other members will be excited to know about your adventures! 


Thanks for sharing this stunning motorcycle, Dabneyr...



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