Homemade rack for XR650R

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I'll post more photos as we go along, but here's some of the early phases. Th objective is to make something fast, cheap, simple, not too heavy, but with at least 15 Kg capacity without killing the aluminum sub-frame (which I hear has a tendency to crack if abused).

First step was to mock-up an idea out of baling wire


Then get to work


Another task will be to fab something up to stabilize these saddlebags and keep the right one a little bit clear of the exhaust


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I really like the trellis support that TCI Products engineered for its XR650R rack system.  In my video installation at the magazine, you can see the attachment points.  I believe your Euro model has an under fender support of sorts, too.  Is that right?  Something more than the OE North America models?  

We'll have to rename your XR650R the "World Traveler Edition"!

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