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  1. Hi Moses i know the price of a repro bed be crazy with frieght & finding 1 in oz wont happen so i think that fabricating a custom bed that looks the part is going to be my aim at this stage these thing are as rare as rocking horse doodoo over here, im very jealous of you guys ( but if i lived in the US i can imagine i would wont to do something exotic haha cant win, i also have a series 3 land rover) but im intent on doing a good job even though an original resto is out of the question cheers ian
  2. ive done a bit more today wow this thing has had some crap work done in the past lucky i always intended to do a full resto or i would have had a rude shock its had parts from so many different vehicles ; holden engine,toyota gearbox,nissan diffs,holden steering box,ford falcon wiring harness & lights & wiper switches,ford speedo,brake booster/master cyl looks like ford also,wiper motor unknown,fuel tank unknown & the seats look like they were from an 80's Japanese car of some sort so all of that is scrap pretty much & even though ill also be cannibalising other vehicles to make this work im going to make sure my fabrication is of a much higher standard
  3. Hi Moses well ive had a busy day looks like the gearbox is a modified toyota box (looks like a tojo logo cast into it) no idea what its out of being a remote shifter i think it would have been from a column shift vehicle the bell housing is a custom by a local engineering co called seatons engineering in perth it is to fit the aussie holden six cylinder once a very common engine the conversion to the transfer case looks a bit rough though nearly ready to lift the cab off ill take the doors off & remove the windscreen tomorrow then off with the cab & a lot of cutting fabricating & welding im going to be a busy boy
  4. my idea for this jeep is to keep it reasonably standard sml lift & 33" tyres & bikini top to keep the sun off my bald spot it should be a great little summer toy cheers ian
  5. stripped the rusty tub off the back today & soaked al the body bolt with a diesel/oil mix will let them soak a while to minimise snapped bolts when i strip the cab off the chassis
  6. Hi Moses hers a few more pics looks like the original engine was a 232 but if im not mistaken the engine is a 71 258 also a pic of the transfer & the tag on the transfer the rear diff is a d44 the gearbox is a 3 spd havent looked at it ill take the body off then itll be easier to see also it appears to be a 75 model built in 74 cheers ian
  7. also worked out its original paint is glenwood green poly (DQE-42073-DAL*) so ill return it to to original as far as paint colour goes the wife thinks its the best colour for it so ill do as im told
  8. Hi Moses ive worked out what the diffs are i stuck my head under a nissan patrol today & there they were so im happy with that as i have another 2 complete sets with front discs also i have to do some measuring to see if what i have in mind will work as 1 of the nissans i have is a runner rusty but the drive train is all ok & i think the sd33t & 5 spd & transfer would be a good reliable combo as this thing has already had a few mods (most of which ill be undoing) im happy to do a bit of practical modification to make the rebuild & upkeep cheaper & easier i.e.the more parts i can source locally the better cheers ian
  9. Hi Moses picked this little cj5 up this weekend as well its been neglected so the floors are pretty much gone but its sound enough to give it another lease on life so a bit of rust work & a few parts (new fenders) some wiring etc havent checked the engine or driveline yet but will sort the body first
  10. Hi Moses ive done it again gone & made more work for myself but this pick up will be great when its restored im not sure what the diffs are though not sure i theyre a mod or whether these were assembled here with different running gear i do know they did that with the cj6 (combat 6) it had a ford 6 cyl & borg warner running gear i will get better pics once i start stripping it down & clean things up its got some rust the roof being the worst the rest isnt too bad that tub on the back is junk ill build something that will look the part cheers ian
  11. HI Moses ive just fitted a spartan lunch box locker to my spare rear diff as the 1 in the car began to get a little noisey & the air locker stopped working i think the noise may be due to slight damage to the end of the pinion gear when the center shaft came out of the locker & chipped some teeth last time so rather than much about any more with it im going to put my spare diff in had it apart today & fitted the spartan it all appears to be in good condition no excessive wear or play even the bearing are all good so ill just fit it as is all seal are fine to "so if it aint broke dont fix it" sorry didnt think to take picks while i was working on it cheers ian ps ill be going on another offroad adventure in a month ill load some pics of that when i get back its the holland track (aka john holland way) that ill be doing it was originally a supply route to the goldfeilds (kalgoorlie) from the coast most of it has become roads nowbut 1 section still remains a track (4x4 only)
  12. CJ10 Door Seals

    Hi Moses is right i could be interested only just spotted this post but if you still have them can you please let me know what condition theyre in & what you want for them cheers ian
  13. been driving it for a couple of days now ive towed a trailer & had it in 4wd all working well much quieter & smoother box than the t5 was thats for sure the clutch feels good so i think its a success cheers ian
  14. Hi Moses I finally got time to get the ute going thanks to the weather it rained all night & all day so i had a good excuse to stay in the shed everything has fitted well with no problems i havent driven it far yet just in & out of the shed as i still have to modify the trans tunnel cover plate for the gear stick before i put the floor mat back in & then its all good to go cheers ian
  15. great article very informative thank you cheers ian