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  2. 57 willys pick up another project

    Ian, I understand how the cost of an original Willys bed and rear fenders would be exorbitant at Australia. One option that's gaining popularity in the U.S. is the flatbed conversion. Many Willys pickups actually did have flat beds for ranch and utility use. Just a thought...You're handy with fit and modifications, a flatbed done right could look right and be functional. Case in point, a good friend at Reno, Nevada just bought a '17 Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4 and immediately replaced the stock bed with a flatbed and head rack conversion. His aim is a custom camper mounted on the flatbed, another approach that's gaining popularity here. Moses
  3. Arby123...The circlip is a likely clue. Check all transmission internal shift linkage and parts alignment. Find the home for this circlip. The manual valve inner detent lever nut is one of the areas to check. Check the manual valve linkage thoroughly from outside the transmission case to the valve body. A quote from the Ford F-truck factory E4OD shop manual section is important: "...Manual valve inner detent lever must be seated on flats of shaft, and rod assembly must be through guide plate." The manual lever roll pin at the oil pan mating face below the manual shaft is critical to aligning the manual lever. Look over the manual valve linkage carefully. If not a mechanical linkage issue, this could be a solenoid issue, probably the low-reverse solenoid. If the internal transmission linkage is not the problem, check the shift solenoids. The wiring is an obvious place to look, but this could be a solenoid that is actually defective or slipping out of position. The fact that the situation is erratic leans toward a loose wiring connection or a defective and/or loose solenoid. For solenoids or switches, it's hard to diagnose this by "try this, try that" method. The use of diagnostic equipment that interrogates the flow of electrical current and the functions of the solenoid circuits is always helpful. Are you getting any codes? If so, please share them, that will at least narrow down the problem area. Moses
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  5. Hi Moses i know the price of a repro bed be crazy with frieght & finding 1 in oz wont happen so i think that fabricating a custom bed that looks the part is going to be my aim at this stage these thing are as rare as rocking horse doodoo over here, im very jealous of you guys ( but if i lived in the US i can imagine i would wont to do something exotic haha cant win, i also have a series 3 land rover) but im intent on doing a good job even though an original resto is out of the question cheers ian
  6. 57 willys pick up another project

    Wow, innovative in a sense. Run what you brung stuff! The gearbox, in particular, looks like early Land Cruiser? Not sure how far back the hydraulic clutch linkage dates...Interesting! Glad you're philosophical and primarily interested in the frame and body. A place to start if you can find a Willys bed. Or is that the aim?
  7. 1981 Jeep CJ-8 Rear Axle Noise

    Rinky Dink...I, too, was surprised that the backing plate would be a preload determinant. A backing plate is stamped steel and flexes. Where's the "preload" specification for that kind of approach? Has anyone else reversed the bearing direction? Agreed that the current direction seems to prevent the axle shaft from moving inward. Outward resistance is strictly the backing plate pressure against the bearing cups. Let us know what you wind up doing. As an important point to consider, the factory OE axle shaft bearings are not preloaded. They call for a 0.004"-0.008" (0.006" preferred) end play adjustment. Shims are installed only at the left side of the axle to achieve this end play. If you set a 0.015" preload on the bearings, which would be zero end play then removing 0.015" shim material to preload the bearings, you will toast the bearings. I've attached a PDF of the factory axle shaft bearing end play adjustment. End play adjustment at the left side assumes that you have the OEM slotted spacer block at the center of the differential (which allows the axle shafts to even up). You are actually adjusting both axle shaft bearings from the left side: 1981-86 Jeep CJ Axle Shaft Bearing End Play Adjustment.pdf Moses
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  9. Hello, looks like very informative forum so I'll post my dilemma. Started out not going into reverse after a while of working in the bush used as a small dump truck. Next morning reverse worked fine again. This has gone on for some time. Truck not used that much. I decided to change the MLPS or neutral safety switch to perhaps correct this problem. I have checked and rechecked the wires and colours and even tried another new switch and what I get is reverse in low, and some forward gear in reverse. Starts in N and P. Backup light goes on in R. I'm at my wits end with what could be the problem. Yesterday I dropped the pan with the thought that I may have broken something in the shift linkage but all I found was a bent e type circlip in the bottom of the pan. Any help greatly appreciated,Thanks, arby123
  10. ive done a bit more today wow this thing has had some crap work done in the past lucky i always intended to do a full resto or i would have had a rude shock its had parts from so many different vehicles ; holden engine,toyota gearbox,nissan diffs,holden steering box,ford falcon wiring harness & lights & wiper switches,ford speedo,brake booster/master cyl looks like ford also,wiper motor unknown,fuel tank unknown & the seats look like they were from an 80's Japanese car of some sort so all of that is scrap pretty much & even though ill also be cannibalising other vehicles to make this work im going to make sure my fabrication is of a much higher standard
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  12. Hi Moses well ive had a busy day looks like the gearbox is a modified toyota box (looks like a tojo logo cast into it) no idea what its out of being a remote shifter i think it would have been from a column shift vehicle the bell housing is a custom by a local engineering co called seatons engineering in perth it is to fit the aussie holden six cylinder once a very common engine the conversion to the transfer case looks a bit rough though nearly ready to lift the cab off ill take the doors off & remove the windscreen tomorrow then off with the cab & a lot of cutting fabricating & welding im going to be a busy boy
  13. 1981 Jeep CJ-8 Rear Axle Noise

    My major issue with this setup prescribed by Moser is there is nothing to keep the axle from just sliding out of the housing. The outer race, being held by the backing plate, has it's taper pointing outward. In this position, nothing but the seal is holding the axle in place. For this to work as it should, the bearing needs to be turned 180. I had read all of the AMC / Moser forums and found nothing that actually discussed my concern. Last night I found a Moser axle thread on a Jeep forum. It described a series of immediate bearing failures that was resolved by having a mechanic friend assist on the 3rd try. I have to assume the mechanic did the install his way. Reading this convinced me I was correct. I stopped by my SKF dealer this morning and asked his opinion. He said that the way it is shown in their assembly diagram is wrong, or at least the bearing wouldn't perform correctly. He also agreed the 0.080" preload was grossly excessive. (Bending of the backing plate was also in one of the forum threads) So, I'm going to do it the way I think it should be done. Flip the bearing and use the factory shims to give it 0.015" preload. Put a few miles on it and recheck.
  14. Yea, Ian, the original purpose for the AMC/Jeep CJs! Should be lots of fun...Moses
  15. 57 willys pick up another project

    Good idea...rust is a challenge. Keep us posted, this is an interesting project, glad your wife likes the color choice and supports your project(s)!
  16. my idea for this jeep is to keep it reasonably standard sml lift & 33" tyres & bikini top to keep the sun off my bald spot it should be a great little summer toy cheers ian
  17. stripped the rusty tub off the back today & soaked al the body bolt with a diesel/oil mix will let them soak a while to minimise snapped bolts when i strip the cab off the chassis
  18. Wow! Manufactured at Australia, a righthand drive '75 CJ-5. What are your ultimate plans for this Jeep?
  19. 57 willys pick up another project

    Ian, your willingness to tackle these projects is amazing. The rust alone would thwart most builders. These cannabalized vehicles with hybrid, innovative powertrains are a testimony to previous owners' willingness to make do with whatever components were available. Do you know the history of this truck? Contemplating the paint job color already? Your commitment and enthusiasm is nothing short of impressive! Moses
  20. 1981 Jeep CJ-8 Rear Axle Noise

    Sounds like we're old hands at tapered roller bearings, I've been working with them "professionally" for 50 years now... Your photos are helpful. Regardless of the engineering soundness, the objective with the supplied ring is clear: Moser is setting either a specific float range (end play) or roller preload. The ring is even with the bearing cage and acts as a stop for the movement of the roller bearings outward. With the cup/outer race open in this direction, there would be no other means for keeping the axle shaft from sailing outward or at least to the backing plate. The stickout from the housing flange assures that the brake backing plate will act as a fixed stop for the ring and bearing cage. When the assembly is fully in place with the backing plate secured, what is the measurable end play of the axle shaft and bearing? If you use a dial indicator at the end of the axle shaft to check end play, push in fully and pull out fully. There should be measurable movement. If not, the bearing rollers are wedged between the inner and outer bearing races and "preloaded". I'm guessing that's not the case and that the rollers get relieved by the position of the bearing cup? On that note, does this setup leave the original bearing cup in place? Is that used as a spacer or stop for Moser's outer bearing cup/race? Does the spacing control the depth of the Moser bearing cup in the axle housing? This is definitely different...Must be a motive here. Moses
  21. Hi Moses hers a few more pics looks like the original engine was a 232 but if im not mistaken the engine is a 71 258 also a pic of the transfer & the tag on the transfer the rear diff is a d44 the gearbox is a 3 spd havent looked at it ill take the body off then itll be easier to see also it appears to be a 75 model built in 74 cheers ian
  22. also worked out its original paint is glenwood green poly (DQE-42073-DAL*) so ill return it to to original as far as paint colour goes the wife thinks its the best colour for it so ill do as im told
  23. Hi Moses ive worked out what the diffs are i stuck my head under a nissan patrol today & there they were so im happy with that as i have another 2 complete sets with front discs also i have to do some measuring to see if what i have in mind will work as 1 of the nissans i have is a runner rusty but the drive train is all ok & i think the sd33t & 5 spd & transfer would be a good reliable combo as this thing has already had a few mods (most of which ill be undoing) im happy to do a bit of practical modification to make the rebuild & upkeep cheaper & easier i.e.the more parts i can source locally the better cheers ian
  24. 1981 Jeep CJ-8 Rear Axle Noise

    In speaking with Moser, per their instruction, the 0.020 - 0.080" stickout and the resulting preload imparted by the brake backing plate is intentional. I have plenty of experience with tapered bearings and I know how preload is supposed to work. This ring preloads the roller cage and the outer race. As I read their install sheet the thicker side of the inner race (roller taper) should be pointing toward the center of the axle. This seems counter intuitive to preloading the bearing. It should have opposing force directed through both races. The roller cage should never have any loading. Guess I'll just do what they tell me. I'll need to find a replacement SKF BR9 as I broke the first one.
  25. Ian...An AMC/Jeep at its righthand drive best! Spicer 20 transfer case and T-14? 232 or 258 six? Let us know what you discover. Fun to see the "export" components that otherwise only come up in U.S. Mopar parts manuals! Moses
  26. 57 willys pick up another project

    Wow, Ian, what a bizarre mix of components and even body panels! Is this "original" or a cobble of parts? What's the history? What were the original pieces, how much of this is the current parts? The front and rear axles look unique, the front with the notch in the housing, the rear is a drop-in center section type. All very interesting, what was the powertrain, the TC looks Model 18 Spicer/Jeep. You find the most unusual "Jeep" vehicles! Moses
  27. 1981 Jeep CJ-8 Rear Axle Noise

    Can you photograph and post a picture of the "ring"? I'd like to see it and make an educated guess about its purpose and/or "safety" need. This is not the bearing retaining lock ring, right? Moses
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  29. Hi Moses picked this little cj5 up this weekend as well its been neglected so the floors are pretty much gone but its sound enough to give it another lease on life so a bit of rust work & a few parts (new fenders) some wiring etc havent checked the engine or driveline yet but will sort the body first
  30. Hi Moses ive done it again gone & made more work for myself but this pick up will be great when its restored im not sure what the diffs are though not sure i theyre a mod or whether these were assembled here with different running gear i do know they did that with the cj6 (combat 6) it had a ford 6 cyl & borg warner running gear i will get better pics once i start stripping it down & clean things up its got some rust the roof being the worst the rest isnt too bad that tub on the back is junk ill build something that will look the part cheers ian
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